Sensory London

Luxury BDSM & Fetish Wear

Sensory is a luxury fashion brand that specializes in creating handmade, high-end vegan leather fetishwear for customers who desire the ultimate in quality, craftsmanship, and design. Our team of master engineers and designers pour their passion and expertise into every piece we create, ensuring that each item is not only visually stunning, but also engineered for an exceptional and emotional experience.

Our aesthetic is characterized by the use of rich, black vegan leather and opulent gold metalwork, creating an atmosphere of indulgence and empowerment. Each item is thoughtfully crafted with emotional intelligence, taking into account every detail from the placement of clasps and fittings to the most simple way for a user to put on or wear the item.

We don’t believe in fast fashion or compromising on our standards, which is why we disclose a wait time of 2-4 weeks, knowing that the wait is worth it for the exceptional final product. Our customers can trust that when they purchase from Sensory, they are getting a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece of art that is not only beautiful, but also engineered to bring out the best version of themselves.

Sensory is for the individual who desires to stand out from the crowd, make a bold fashion statement, and indulge in luxury, quality and craftsmanship. Sensory is for the person who wants to feel divine, feel empowered, and simply feel.